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The Staunton Waynesboro Augusta Tennis Association is beginning its second season of junior team tennis this summer on July 7th. Boys and girls ages 8 - 18 meet for instruction on Wednesdays at 6 pm and then for match-play on Thursdays at 6 pm. Players are placed on teams which will compete for a championship! The league runs for 6 consecutive weeks. The rain date for any missed Wednesdays or Thursdays will be the following Monday evening. All the action takes place at Mary Baldwin University tennis courts. Cost of the league is $100 payable to SWAT. Discounts for siblings.

Player qualifications:

  1. Must be born on or after September 1st, 2003.
  2. Must be able to maintain a rally of 5 balls in a row from the baseline.
  3. Must be able to serve from the baseline, to the correct box, 5 out of 10 serves.
  4. Must already know the basics of scoring.

If your junior is on the borderline of these qualifications or slightly below, we suggest signing up for SWAT Youth Tennis Camps during the month of June. Players in the league will compete in singles and doubles over the six week period. Every player will receive a t-shirt for their respective team. Team shirts, tennis shorts or skirts, and tennis shoes should be worn to all matches.

  • Week 1, July 7-8
  • Week 2, July 14-15
  • Week 3, July 21-22
  • Week 4, August 4-5
  • Week 5, August 11-12
  • Week 6, Championships, August 18-19